Oil & Gas Products

From production, treatment to transport, each and every process or operational stages in Oil & Gas industry has its own challenges. More over there are huge demand on equipment and systems in the entire value-added chain and are similar: safer processes, high product quality and, last but not least, low life cycle costs. Our expertise allows natural resources to be processed with these demands alive on the world's Oil & Gas mine sites. It helps release Oil & Gas from some of the most challenging operating environments, and our critical components and services assist in providing the safe and effective Products and Solutions for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Areas.

We work with our customers to deliver products and services that improve efficiency and lower total operating costs in the Oil & Gas, power and industrial markets. Our engineering solutions play an integral role in delivering vital energy and industrial processes. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services from global majors which support drilling, well completion, production and downstream operations around the world. Backed by knowledge and performance for the toughest technical challenges for drilling, well completion, production and refining, our innovative services improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Driven by a confluence of factors, our technical professionals build partnerships with clients that enhance performance, build operational knowledge and find solutions to the toughest technical challenges.

Our Mechanical Products range for Oil & Gas industry comprise high quality and customized FRP Products, Tubing and special application Valves from cost effective global suppliers with assured performance and endurance guarantee. Our Electro-Mechanical products assortment got a wide range of Multi-Phase Metering Devices, Thermal Well Head Assembly, Screw Pumps, Oil well Motors and Blow-Out Preventive Units. IN addition to these, we have a choice of Chemical products for various applications in Oil & Gas industry like Drilling & Production Additives, Operation Additives and Sewage Treatment agents. All these products are available from global manufactures known for years of exceptional industrial experience and quality products, backed by local and onsite support from the industry expert Unicorn, where efficiency is engineered with passion.