Electric Power Systems

The global shift towards de-carbonization is making electricity an increasingly important source of energy across many industries and areas of life. For energy companies, the ability to dynamically embrace continuous change and constantly adapt to new market dynamics is a key success factor. These organizations need to develop open, customer-centric corporate cultures where new ideas can be developed with speed and focus. Maintaining active partnership with solution providers and industry experts are becoming increasingly important here as it enables companies to bundle and leverage innovative drive, and also ensure that new solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. And thus, Unicorn is here to offer complete engineering services and solutions for electric power systems in partnership with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), OMICORN, UST Power, Ashley Edison, Schaffner, SeoJeon etc, respective global leaders in different Electric Power Systems.

Unicorn brings together technology, engineering and an ever-expanding roster of specialisms from those global leaders with local on-site support during solution, implementation and after sales support. It’s an amalgamation of specialists of the highest technical caliber, including leading experts in their fields, to develop inventive, practical and cost-effective solutions to complex problems.