Power Quality Products

Those decisive authorities always upkeep conservation efforts to successfully drive down consumption, but sought ways to reduce operating costs. Determining the usage by measurement is the conventional methodology, but those measures will not be enough to offset the revenue losses and ever increasing costs of maintaining the electrical system, as the losses from power aberrations and quality always plays vital role in such costs. Our Power Quality solutions combine leading power quality capabilities with exceptional metering technologies to helping locate power quality disturbances, active harmonic filters and industrial grade stabilizers to mitigate them.

Backed by top notch technological giants SEL, UST, Ashley Edison and Schaffner, UNICRON offers best-in-class solutions for hardware, reporting software, mounting solutions, and engineering services for advanced Power Quality monitoring, control and mitigation solutions. Our power quality products help to improve reliability and enhance the integration of variable resources into the bulk power system and are ideal for applications requiring fast response times under dynamic conditions.

Power Quality Meters are from the technology giant Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL), who revolutionized the power industry by reducing the cost and complexity of power protection. Their products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and ensure personnel safety. Our Active Harmonic Filters are from the Schaffner Group, the international leader in range of products and services includes EMC/EMI components, harmonic filters and magnetic components. Under the Ashley Edison brand we offer probably the widest choice of AC Voltage Stabilizers and Power Line Conditioners with unique protection features and our indoor and outdoor ranges cover ratings from 1 kVA to over 3,000 kVA. UNICORN also offer advanced voltage regulation products from UST Power who is a pioneer in the design and application of the same. We deliver demand-side solutions for protecting facilities, machinery and processes from voltage anomalies and perfecting utility power.


SEL metering solutions combine leading power quality capabilities with exceptional metering accuracy at an economical price. Combining SEL meters with acSELerator Meter Reports SEL-5630 Software supports system optimization by trending energy usage, identifying peak demands, and helping locate power quality disturbances. Industry standard communications deliver critical and historical information to virtually any communications system in substations, industries, or power plants.

Backed by SEL’s ten-year warranty SEL offers best-in-class solutions for hardware, reporting software, mounting solutions, and engineering services for advanced monitoring and control. Prewired solutions reduce shop and field time and provide a secure housing with plenty of room for accessories.

The SEL-735 Power Quality Meter is now fully Class A–compliant to the IEC 61000-4-30 power quality standard. With reliable Class A measurement, operators can identify power system anomalies and isolate their source with confidence.For high-accuracy revenue metering applications, the SEL-735 exceeds ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053-22 0.2 accuracy requirements over a wide current range. This makes the SEL-735 the premiere choice for generation, interchange, transmission, distribution, or industrial applications.

With these PQ meters, ensure precise and reliable measurements with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality compliance. Size feeders appropriately, safeguard equipment, and plan upgrades using power quality indicators for predictive maintenance. The SEL-735 measures harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, power factor, voltage disturbances, K-factor, and other key power quality indicators.

Key Features:
  • Upto 128 MB of recording memory
  • 192 channels of energy and PQ trending
  • Upto 512 samples/cycle waveform capture
  • Record approximately 3,000 events


Our Active Harmonic Filters are from the Schaffner Group, the international leader in range of products and services includes EMC/EMI components, harmonic filters and magnetic components. The Ecosine™ Active harmonic filters (AHF) are power quality devices that permanently monitor all kinds of non-linear loads and dynamically provide precisely controlled current that cancel the entire spectrum of damaging harmonic currents at the point of connection.

Our Schaffner range of harmonic filters represents an economical solution to the challenge of load-applied harmonics mitigation in three-phase power systems. With a plug-and-play approach and more compact dimensions than comparable products, they can be quickly installed and easily commissioned. They increase the reliability and service life of electric installations. They help to obtain compliance with all international power quality standards like e.g. IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-12 and with local utility.

Ecosine AHF is the new generation of active harmonic filters (AHF). It reliably mitigates harmonics and compensates voltage dips as well as reactive power. Ecosine active improves power quality in real time. Ecosine actives functionality can be compared to waves in the ocean: If two waves of the same height and intensity meet, they cancel each other out. The same principle can be applied also to power networks. The AHF analyzes network disturbances and provides an opposing compensation current. In doing so, ecosine active actively adapts to fluctuations and responds in less than half a millisecond. Its compact dimensions, simple installation, and digital intelligence allow for a quick and straight forward integration in the most diverse applications.

Key Features:
  • Ultra-fast: Ecosine active responds to disturbances in less than 300 µs and eliminates them before they can cause damage.
  • Super-compact: The smallest 30 A filter is handy, small, and easy to install, and also the 300 A cabinet unit provides the highest performance in the most compact package.
  • Optimized for maintenance: Thanks to its design, the central modules in the 200 to 300 A industrial models can be removed in less than 15 minutes (MTTR).
  • Suitable for industrial use: With the IP 54 protection class ecosine active is resistant to dust and other environmental influences.
  • Numerous options: The ecosine active range covers specifications from 30 to 300 A and 400 to 480 V and 200 to 690 V in either 3- or 4-wire technology.
  • Adaptive: Ecosine active compensates for individual disturbance patterns in a targeted manner and automatically adapts to changing network topologies.


UNICORN is specialized in demand-side voltage control, a market that is growing exponentially as electrical requirements become ever more precise and the grid becomes ever more complicated. We have a wealth of knowledge about the pros and cons of various power quality solutions and are therefore able to share impartial advice and provide aid to selecting the right solution. Our stabilizers are specifically designed to save energy and improve electrical efficiency for Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial and Domestic applications.

In heavily industrialized urban areas, average often means a high rate of sags, voltage that is not optimum for the user or voltage that frequently drifts out of spec. In developing regions, average often means long-term brownouts. And surprisingly, in regions where a high percentage of power is generated by wind, solar and other modern renewable resources, average often means wastefully, sometimes even damagingly high voltage. Our mission is to design and deliver demand-side solutions that provide consulting engineers and the owners and managers of factories, offices, medical institutions, retail chains, school districts, transportation centers, power plants, refineries and other critical facilities affordable options for perfecting utility power at the point it enters their buildings.

Our Ashley-Edison range of AC Voltage Stabilizers continuously monitor the incoming mains supply and should the voltage rise or drop they will automatically control the output voltage to ensure the voltage reaching the load equipment always remains constant at the required requisite voltage. Inbuilt protection also ensures that the load is continuously protected against harmful mains born high energy surges, spikes and transients.

1-1500 KVA Servo Electronic range are available in both Single and three phase in Indoor and outdoor configuration with IP 20 to IP 54 protection class and NEMA conformance. 200-3000 KVA, Three phase range comes in air cooled and oil cooled version for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are MAGNETIC INDUCTION / BRUBrushless Air Cooled Magnetic Induction Design, Step-Less Automatic Voltage Control, Wide range of permissible input voltage windows (±10% to ±40%), ±1% Output Voltage Accuracy, Inbuilt TVSS, Independent Phase Control, High Overload Capability, Start up Load Protection, No-Volt Remote Monitoring Contacts etc are the key features of the Ashley Edison range. SHLESS type to offer virtually maintenance free life.

Our UST range offers a full range of industrial-grade power conditioners and voltage regulators capable of mitigating sags and surges within one cycle. Deployed worldwide at major industrial, commercial and governmental facilities, UST solutions have become the standard for engineers seeking a more reliable and lower-cost alternative to UPS systems for bridging voltage events, preventing work stops and protecting critical equipment.

The UST SagFighter™ is a solid state electronic voltage sag corrector / active voltage conditioner. It protects against costly production stops and manufacturing errors in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other power-critical manufacturing applications. The UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator provides continuous power conditioning and the broadest range of protection available. It guards against voltage fluctuations that can wreak havoc with your electrical load. They available in a full range of sizes, from 5kVA to 2,500kVA, to meet any application demand. Fast voltage regulation, high fault-clearing capacity, built-in surge suppression, line isolation, transformer shielding, independent phase regulation, input circuit breaker and automatic failsafe electronic bypass- the features makes UST range the ultimate choice for power conditioning in the industrial world.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.