Data Center Services

Our Industrial services portfolio for the served market comprise Assess, Design, Build and Manage services for mission critical facilities like Data Center. As designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists, Unicorn extends multidisciplinary services to our clients with innovative solutions to help the mission critical facility to meet the reliability challenge and achieve design flexibility, energy efficiency and operational leniency. Through our Asses, Design, Build and Manage services for Data Centers, we help our clients to solve their biggest challenges by harnessing our diverse skills and constantly expanding what’s technically possible.

Unicorn always aspire to ensure that sustainability, conservation of resources and resilience standards are of particular importance and priority to any data center project, thus we ensure a careful amalgamation of multidisciplinary engineering expertise in every aspect of assess, design, build and manage services. Be it the case of HP's green business technology initiative called 'Dynamic Smart Cooling' was lauded as an outstanding innovation in making energy-efficient, highly resilient data centers, particularly in regards to its target power usage effectiveness (PUE). Being the partner to HP, Unicorn had contributed extensively to the implementation of this technology in Asia Pacific region and thus Unicorns Data Center services are recognized by some of the largest and most influential brands in the data center business across Asia Pacific and North African region.

Most of our past projects are distinguished by the global IT industry for the high levels of reliability and accessibility of its on-site infrastructure, building support services, security and layout designs. As the data center market is underlined by an ever-increasing demand to balance reliability of power, energy efficiency and cost; Unicorn’s Data Center services deliver outstanding value and ensure that our clients can save time, lower the costs, improve ROI, increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce risk. To support this commitment, we have convened a distinctive team of data center talent with deep understanding of every element, process and requirement of your data center infrastructure and thus uniquely capable of solving even the toughest data center Assess, Design, Build and Manage challenges.

Through our Data Center Services, we choose to work where we can make a real difference in the world, stretch the boundaries of what is possible, delight our clients and achieve reliable and sustainable outcomes from every project.


Our data center services business model of assess-design-build-manage has been structured on four business verticals which encompass architectural, civil, interior, power, cooling, safety, security, surveillance, environmental, iBMS and operational domains of mission critical facility's physical infra. Our various Assessment solutions had contributed towards Quality, Reliability and Efficiency enhancement of the Power & Cooling Infrastructure in these critical facilities. Unicorn’s multidisciplinary expertise and years of experience in biggest data centers of the region enable us to offer comprehensive assessment services for our clients by way of Space Power & Cooling (SPAC) Assessment, DC Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Specialized DC Environment Assessment.

These services are designed to quantify, analyze and resolve various reliability issues connected to Space, Power and Cooling aspects and offer investigative study on its operational efficiency and potential threats to the reliability factors that can affect uptime of the facility. These services are carried out with highly sophisticated state-of-the-art Analyzers, Data Loggers, Infrared Thermos-Analyzers, Geo Earth Testers etc and an assortment of software for 2D and 3D simulation and analysis. All these assessment packages are designed against the global benchmarking standards like TIA, ITIC, IEEE, EN, IEC, NEC, IE Code etc. With the help of most sophisticated simulation software, these services offer 2D and 3D visualization of the facility, analysis and virtual simulation of various solution options.

Space Power & Cooling (SPAC) Assessment of Datacenter helps you to determine the potential capacity of your Data Center environment and gain better understanding of Space, Power and Cooling Resources. The goal of this assessment is to document trends, outliers, and differences that can be seen through power and temperature monitoring to thoroughly identify areas for energy savings. SPAC assessment retrospect the Availability,     Quality,     Effectiveness and Efficiency aspects of Electrical

Power System and Cooling System in a Data Center. It also takes care the evaluation of Safety, Security and Surveillance ancillaries of the data center ecosystem. Based on the deepness and level of detailing SPAC is available in three packages of Micro, Mini and Major SPAC bundled options. Based on the data center plant topology, unit sizes and operating parameters, these SPAC assessment helps the client to discover data center’s reliability and sustainability indices such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE), Rack Cooling Index (RCI-hi & RCI-lo), Coefficient of Cooling Performance (COCP), Cooling Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) etc.

Datacenter Risk Assessment (DCRA) is a comprehensive datacenter inspection to assess the ability of the support infrastructure to provide continuous availability. This includes a site inspection, an evaluation of the present load conditions, a comparison to the capacity constraints, identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks, an assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site and recommendations for improvements. Unicorn's DCRA Service surveys, analyze and makes recommendations for improving the Reliability of 2nd and 3rd elements i.e. Building and Non-IT Infrastructure, the people who operate the Physical Infrastructure of Datacenter and its operational process.

DCRA quantifies the risk and exposure of the critical facilities to failure, identifies vulnerabilities and single points of failure and ensure alignment of business mission and facility performance expectations. It is the first step in creating an action plan for site hardening, benchmarking against the industry standards and assists in developing business case for capital expenditures.

Specialized Data Center Environment Assessment majorly comprise Air Quality Audit, so as to evaluate the ambient environmental conditions such as particle content, humidity factors, clean-room factors like air-change rate, etc. Existence of certain contaminants in the Datacenter air can be harmful to the life of the IT equipment. DC Air quality audits follows well established guideline i.e. ISO 14644-1. This assessment handles Airborne particulate, Corrosion / oxidation level, Zinc and Sulphur. Contaminations, Subfloor contamination/microbial levels, vapor barrier etc present in the data center environment and analyses their possible effect on reliability.


In every data center services, we have one aim: to transform how the built environment is communicated by using expertise from across disciplines to envisage projects in increasingly useful ways. Unicorn has always recognized that great design includes a responsibility to the future. We help our data center clients across the world to become more sustainable, while investing in research that can improve their own environmental impact.

Unicorn designs state-of-the art data centers employing the advanced infrastructure-support technologies. We have our panel of multidisciplinary experts with great deal of experience in design and consulting of Mission Critical Facilities. They work hand in glove with the client to understand their requirements and to deliver the designs accordingly. Our Solution Architects and Design Team delivers the complete design which include the Architectural, Interior and Structural Engineering, Design and layout of the Electrical, HVAC, Safety Security Surveillance Systems etc.


Unicorn’s Data center project management is a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. This specific activity comprises Contractor Management, Delivery & Rigging co-ordination, Equipment installation & Services up to Project Commissioning.

Our team works with a comprehensive group of suppliers to develop systems configuration and space planning requirements based on customer's classification for reliability and redundancy of their overall system infrastructure. Our aim is to deliver the data center infrastructure that is physically built within client’s deliberations of time and budget.


Complex infrastructure, sensitive equipment and systems and multiple vendors is an ever increasing challenge in data center management. As the size of the data center goes up, the challenge becomes multifaceted. This can lead to escalating costs due to inefficiencies and wastage. It’s also costly to invest in the skills needed to keep up with the rapid pace of change to technology and systems. While focusing on our customer’s business essentials, we work closely with them to understand their business needs and

deliver pertinent services from our ever growing roster of managed services. With these services we pursue to focus on running the data centers, so that you can focus on strategic projects that add value to the business.

Our seasoned on-site technical team ensures that mission-critical functions are always up and running, round the clock. Our Managed services enable the client to be free from operational and maintenance hassles of the physical infrastructure and can be contracted and managed in customized ways. We provide technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.