Power System Services

We have the technical expertise and global insight to meet local requirements anywhere. But our know-how goes beyond solutions with readily quantifiable benefits, such as zero harmonics in power system or low carbon DG exhaust. With integrated skills in electrical, electronics, mechanical and chemical projects and systems, we can bring sharp focus to end to end elements of facility power system such as routine maintenance, operational evaluation, performance optimization or retro-commissioning. These services are solutions for a world of challenges in facility power system, upstream and downstream.

Over many years we have been leading the way in helping our clients to repair, reconstruct, refurbish, reconfigure, re-invigorate and restore value to power system of various size and essence. Knowing what makes a facility power system healthy, efficient, reliable and sustainable, we can align technical and human performance to deliver value beyond cost savings. Because we have the expertise that adapts.

At Unicorn, we are offering Facility Power System Services to clients through a specialized and dedicated team of trained and certified engineers, system specialists and industry experts. Annual Maintenance Contracts, Repairs and Retrofit services and Upgrading and Revamping services composes its portfolio. The key salient feature of these services is our flexibility to provide modular cost models, so that our clients can select the most suitable customized services that befit their technical and business needs.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of power system services guarantee high reliability, round-the-clock availability, remote manageability and optimum scalability to the customers. These Services cover a wide spectrum of systems and equipment viz:

  • Diesel Generators
  • UPS Systems, DC Chargers and Batteries
  • Control Panels – AMF & Synchronization
  • BMS, PLC, PCCs , MCCs etc
  • Electrical Power System Equipment ( AC & DC )
  • Transformers, Drives, PFC and AHF Panels
  • Cooling, Acoustic & Ventilation Systems
  • Emission Control Systems & Exhaust systems


Unicorn’s Annual Maintenance Contract Services are expressly designed for industrial and commercial power plants and facilities to insure efficient and hassle free performance of various equipment and machineries like Diesel Generators, UPS Systems, Renewables and their respective ancillaries. Our AM Contract Services are basically After-sales and After-warranty support services and is a professional practice backed by deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

These services enable our customer to entrust their service requirements to a single entity, irrespective of the make and genre of their systems. These services are devised around a simple concept "Any Brand - Any Make - Any Country - Any Genre - Any Technology".

  • Process oriented On-site support activities.
  • Measurable Response Time and Turnaround time.
  • State-of-the-art in-house service facilities.
  • Corrective and Preventive Services.
  • 24x7 Breakdown Services.

Domain expertise, a well -trained assortment of engineering professionals, most sophisticated tools and tackles, process oriented modus operandi and more over a broader perception to see the ins and outs of your systems and applications make this highly modular services a best bet for decisive customers.


These ON_SITE_ON_CALL services enable our customer to entrust their emergency service requirements to a single entity, irrespective of the make and genre of their systems. These services are also devised around a simple concept "Any Brand - Any Make - Any Country - Any Genre - Any Technology“

When it comes to international products, most businesses are wary of after sales

support reliability. Fly men service, franchisee arrangements, long awaited spares; the never-ending hassles begin from the time of purchase itself. At Unicorn, we beg to differ. With a variety of power products and solutions, we bring you international quality products backed by domestic after sales support. No Fly Men. No franchisee or outsourced service. No Carry-In terms. Services at your doorstep as and when required and more, that too 24x7…!

Our field service specialists will accurately diagnose any equipment damage, make repairs, and provide the critical support necessary to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible.

At Unicorn, we are leaders rather than followers in technical advances and sustainability. Through our years of expertise and exposure, we ensure that clients get the benefit, rather than the risk, of retrofits. As new technology and product ideas emerge, Unicorn helps clients understand where they are appropriate and viable in their businesses.


Technology, energy efficiency, sustainability, environment, health and safety are just samples of the many factors that drive the need for an organization to make changes to their facility infrastructure. Recognizing that utility, commercial and industrial customers need to maximize their power system performance at the lowest possible cost, Unicorn offers services to restore existing equipment to a like-new state and/or

upgrade it to the latest technology. In addition to improving efficiency, reliability and performance, these services help educe forced outages and associated loss of revenue along with emergency maintenance costs and premium freight charges for parts.

These services are available for entire power system of the facility from utility end to stand by DG sets to UPS systems and their ancillaries up to control, monitoring and distribution panels. IT comprise a wide range of activities to suit various business needs like Status Checking, Modernization, Testing, Installation and Commissioning, Spares Support and Training.

These services illustrate our strategy which aims to support our customers to secure operational reliability of the power plants and facility equipment and to optimize their asset management throughout plant’s lifespan with the help of a full offering in Services and Retrofit.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.