Shutdown Services

We believe that environmental sustainability and business have a beautiful future together so that our shutdown services to the oil, chemical, steel and power industries can look after the planet without it costing the earth. Whether it’s recycling, repurposing, reusing, treating or shredding - our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your project, health and safety and environmental requirements. Unicorn’s decades of experience helping to keep various industries moving, our recent technology alliance with Innochems Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia made the combined organization is uniquely positioned to cover the complete shutdown service requirements, adding value to the business and strengthening the competitive position of our clients. Innochems Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia is a fast-developing specialty and customized chemicals producer as well as a service and technology provider company to gas, oil, petrochemicals and petroleum related industries.

Deadlines don’t tolerate unexpected downtime, so we provide you with a range of services that help increase plant and asset efficiency while adhering to strict environmental and EHS requirements. Our experience and expertise in this field is just about peerless, to the point where we have our own specialist equipment and in-house experts at the ready when you need them, whether it’s a scheduled cleaning job or an emergency situation. We can help you reduce down time, increase efficiency and return your focus to what you do best, with skilled, compliant industrial-strength services.

Unicorn can be trusted to take great care of your equipment and will work hand in hand with your management team to make sure all maintenance and repair is done to your exacting requirements. We understand that time lost is money lost and inefficient planning of shutdown maintenance impacts both. Our industrial plant shutdown and maintenance services include dismantling, disconnecting, Removing and disposing, Plant relocation services, Precision alignment services, Service visits and also supplementing client staff with our personnel to handle shutdowns, startups or regular machinery maintenance. De-Contamination Services of Hazards and Chemical Cleaning services are another two specialized areas we serve to our industrial clients. These services are further enhanced with our on-time completion commitments, Free consultations and 24/7 services.


Our in-depth asset integrity management expertise in Shutdown and Maintenance Services minimizes shutdown time and costs, without compromising on safety and quality, while increasing asset performance by means of a modification project. Whether for emergency repairs, capital project tie-ins, or major shutdowns, our turnaround teams follow a disciplined, multi-phase approach to plan, schedule, staff, and execute shutdown services of all sizes.

Safety experts can be deployed on-site for the duration of the shutdown to allow around-the-clock 24-hour expertise to maintain equipment and carry out training to ensure that the shutdown runs smoothly, on time and on budget. By efficiently managing equipment and training on-site, we can keep the shutdown costs under control by guaranteeing reliable equipment is always available, keeping response times down and removing the possibility of any asset management problems arising.

Our shutdown and maintenance services include:

  • Dismantling all types of machinery with care & skill to facilitate reassembly
  • Disconnecting piping and instrumentation safely & effectively
  • Removing and disposing of unwanted equipment to make better use of floor space
  • Plant relocation services from entire plants to single lines
  • Precision alignment services maximize productivity and reduce rejects
  • Service visits that keep your machinery working at its best and employees focused on productivity
  • Supplementing your staff with our personnel to handle shutdowns, startups or regular machinery maintenance, which reduces your staffing costs
  • On-time completion
  • Free consultations
  • 24/7 Service

A sharp focus to the customer’s business essentials, attention to details and quality and years of industry expertise make us perfect choice to provide hazardous waste transport and disposal solutions for all business sizes and industry types. We can manage all kinds of chemical and liquid hazardous waste, from sewerage to chemical waste disposal to e-waste, quarantine and medical waste. Depending on the waste and complexity of removal, Unicorn can also recover resources from the hazardous

waste, creating a genuine closed loop. Our Decontamination has been identified as one of the control measures particularly to minimize or possibly eliminate worker exposure to mercury.

Our Industrial Services team has the experience and expertise to handle any form of solid or liquid hazardous waste, backed by a specialist fleet of trucks and equipment. We can also provide consulting services on managing chemical waste and other hazardous waste. From small hazardous wastes like aerosols and batteries to regular drum consignments or the management of low level radioactive materials, we have experience and technical skills to deal with them safely. Our specialist service delivers comprehensive and reliable hazardous waste collection, advanced treatment recycling and recovery technologies. These services are designed for specialized de-contamination services of highly hazardous industrial wastes that contain of form Hydrocarbons, Toxic Gases, Mercury, Pyrophoric and Sludge etc. We are fully equipped with technology and tools like Mercury Analyzer, Skid tank and Tote Tank, Mercury de-contamination tools, Chemical Hoses, variety of pumps, valves, strainers, filters, vacuum trucks, Hydrojet equipment’s etc. and thus ensure that the facilities meet environmental and statutory requirements while conforming to industry best practices.

These services are backed by the advanced technology and solutions from Innochems specialized in chemical decontamination services. With their technology, we can decontaminate and clean all types of plants, structures and equipment, internally and externally.


Our technology partner Innochems is a leading industrial chemical manufacturer of oilfield production chemicals such as demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and H2S scavengers, specialty chemicals & cleaning agents, water treatment chemicals and wastewater treatments. With this alliance Unicorn’s Chemical Services provides efficient cost-effective cleaning to the industrial sector, minimizing production downtime and extending the life of your asset without any high-risk man entry.

We work with clients to develop the optimum cleaning circuits while our team of qualified and experienced specialists execute the service with the highest level of safety and attention to detail.

Our Chemical Cleaning Services Comprise:

  • Oil and Gas Decontamination & Chemical Cleaning
  • Reboiler, Heat exchangers, Coolers Services, Cooling Towers, Evaporators and condensers
  • Pit, Sump and Underground Sewage Services
  • Tanks and Vessels Cleaning
  • Oil Well and Pipe line descaling and cleaning
  • Process Fluid, Gas and Air Supply Lines

Most of the above contaminated area constitutes an extremely harsh environment that poses many safety and environmental hazards. To reduce or eliminate the inherent risk, a detailed planning, engineering, advanced technology, safety protocols, on-site process controls, training and experience. Unicorn’s wide experience and knowledge of the industrial sector allows them to offer a wide range of chemical cleaning services to our clients (Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Thermal Power Stations, Concentrating solar power plants, biomass plants, Diesel Engine, Paper production, Automation, Naval, etc. We have the very latest specialist chemical cleaning equipment including pumping units, heating coils exchangers, circulating tanks and analytical/control equipment.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.