Engineering Services

Often, we contribute innovative uses of technology to solutions that merge creativity with efficiency. Thus our inventiveness enlightens ideas that are design-led, state of the art and sustainable – in buildings, infrastructure, industries and energy and water utilities. Our comprehensive engineering services include Design and Development, Renewable Energy & Conservation and Environmental services. Whether in commercial property, retail, sport, mission-critical facilities, the arts or any market, we meet the creative and commercial demands of clients and developers and we are trusted to bring inventive solutions to complex technical challenges.

Our work creates benefits that go beyond energy efficiency including improved property value and competitive advantages in securing long-term clients.


Our design engineers work seamlessly with electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineers to create complete building services solutions. Beyond standard areas of overlap, Unicorn expects its design engineers to become creative partners in the design process. Our collaborative approach is supported by advanced designing methods that allow design teams to share a virtual project prototype. In every project we work closely with even lighting designers, façade engineers, acoustic consultants etc to realize expressive design ideas. Here everything we do, from concept design to implementation and renovation, is design-led and underpinned by technical rigor.

Our Design & Development engineering specialists deliver technical innovation in:

  • Mechanical, electrical and structural design
  • Lighting and building controls
  • Mechanical and HVAC systems
  • Water systems and power generation
  • Energy distribution through renewables and combined heat and power systems
  • Building envelope improvements

At Unicorn, we can even meet the challenges of a range of energy retrofit projects for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and government and municipal campuses etc. Throughout a building’s life, our design & development consultants make sure that it continues to work at its best and thus to poor-performing assets, our building retrofit solution bring renewal.


In the wake of concerns over oil and energy security and the impact of new technology, the energy landscape is facing massive changes. Ensuring that the renewable energy plays its full role in securing our growing energy needs is the biggest challenge and technology holds the key. As on today renewables can make upto only 25-30% of the real energy demand. As engineers, we have a responsibility to work with companies developing solutions that will enable renewable energy percentages to rise beyond current limits and thus Unicorn.

Unicorn provides screening and feasibility assessment of potential renewable energy schemes and also design, develop, construct and operate such renewable energy projects. Our renewable energy

and conservation solutions comprise Smart Grid and Smart metering and distributed energy solutions as promising technology solutions in the quest for greater renewable energy security. Through our Energy Conservation solutions, we aspire to have a positive influence on the world by delivering sustainable outcomes for both current stakeholders and future generations. Our technical ability, skill in project delivery and strategic advice translates our client’s sustainability plans into meaningful action. Our expertise spans Carbon, Water, Waste and Energy, Economics and Planning and Management skills.

We manage energy efficiency and conservation projects to ensure our customers conserve energy, increase operational efficiencies and maximize capital spending. Commercial sector solutions focus on building and tenant improvements. Industrial solutions focus on maximizing output while reducing manufacturing expenses through process improvements and strategic energy management initiatives, as well as plant modernization, process cost reduction, reliability and sustainability. By encouraging the use of energy efficient equipment and processes, and ensuring that those alternatives maximize energy savings, we help our clients meet their energy goals and protect the environment at the same time.


Pressure to manage the impacts of developments on our natural resources is growing. With experienced staff and previous contracts in decontamination, clearance and disposal of hazardous waste, chemical waste disposal, contaminated soil and industrial cleaning services, we can ensure a professional and conscientious approach to all Environmental Services you require. Our clients prefer a broader approach to sustainability that is not only being environmentally but also economically sound. To solve their challenges, it is necessary to combine technical expertise with integrated, holistic solutions. Thus Unicorn offers practical solutions to protect biodiversity and provide economic and social stability to accelerate compliance and drive competitive advantage.

Our Environment team has earned a reputation for excellence by offering integrated, practical and innovative solutions by drawing on the skills of engineers, scientists, auditors and planners to deliver services in a number of critical areas like : Air and Noise management, Climate change, Contamination assessment and remediation, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and approvals, Expert witness and due diligence services, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and audits, Sustainability and Waste management.

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