Industrial Assessment Services

Focused on optimizing the industrial physical infrastructure, our energy efficiency practices address top of mind energy challenges and thus help you to: Reduce Operating Costs, Improve Compliance and Be Prepared for the Future. Faced with rising operations and energy costs, Data Center, IT and Industrial professionals are being challenged with the need to institute energy savings initiatives along with up keeping the availability. These initiatives must also balance the need to maximize the Power, Space, and Cooling capacities of their facilities. Increasing Energy Efficiency, maximizing reliability and optimizing the availability begin with Understanding. We trust the fact: The more you know, the more you save.

Optimizing the infrastructure performance is a task of balancing the goal of maximizing the availability against the spiraling cost associated with the increased energy demands. Unicorn’s assessment services are designed to manage these tasks. Through these services our professional services consultants integrate knowledge of industry best practices with practical experience in assessment and analysis. The outcome is an Assessment Report that documents the facility capacity and capabilities in the context of industry-recognized measures of reliability and availability, unbiased analysis that ranks the severity of vulnerabilities and vendor-agnostic mitigation recommendations.

Power Quality & Energy Audits, Industrial Harmonics Audits, Infrared Thermal Assessments and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis are the major audits packages in offer. Customers can also choose a-la-carte combination of assessments to suit their specific requirements. Our Assessments provide customers a clearer picture of their facilities’ Capacity, Reliability, and Vulnerabilities and an assessment is an important early step in developing a road map for future growth, upgrades, and expansion. Be efficient and future ready.


These assessment services embrace an in-depth power quality survey of the customer's electrical distribution and grounding system. Extensive monitoring of various electrical parameters at all the major load centers, as well as analysis of results and a detailed engineering report complete with recommendations. The scope of work is tailored to the customer's needs and type of industry and is described in a formal proposal which outlines the amount of detailed analysis and survey procedures required.

In general Unicorn’s PQ&E Assessment Services are based on standards such as the ITIC, IEEE 519, and the EN 50160 series are used as benchmarks and the audit package comprises:

  • Measurement of critical PQ characteristics including voltage, current, power and disturbance events at all major points of transformation.
  • Identification of power quality concerns at power centers and points of end use.
  • Analysis of the impact and performance of power factor correction system.
  • Identifying increased harmonic distortion and possible resonance conditions.
  • Solutions for optimizing energy efficiency and energy consumption against benchmarks.


Our Industrial Harmonics Assessment Services make doing business easier by employing best practice techniques that reduce the anxieties associated with harmonics and power quality problems, rising energy costs etc. Harmonics Studies are to identify unacceptable voltage distortion and frequencies where harmonic amplification caused by nonlinear loads are present. It evaluates the effectiveness of harmonic filters and tuning reactors. Power quality assessment using Infrared Thermography technique comes up as an effective solution in this regard. The

technique can be applied to assessment problems related to power conditioners to surge suppressors to every imaginable power quality problem.

These assessment services help our customers to:

  • Eliminate all relevant harmonic disturbance patterns in the power lines.
  • Avoid/reduce wear on electrical loads and over-heating of cables and transformers.
  • Prevent losses due to facility down times.
  • Compensate disturbances before they can cause damage.
  • Lower energy cost through reduced reactive power demand.


These services categorically offer the right analytics at the right time. Our customers can harness the power of energy analytics and rapid energy modelling with Unicorn’s Infrared Thermal Assessments and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis Services to make better, quicker decisions about industrial infrastructure efficiency. The result is increased revenue and reduced operational costs for them, because we strive to empower our customers to maximize investments and run their businesses more efficiently.

Many of the problems that contribute to inefficient thermal management are easily overlooked. Our ITA&CFD Services precisely address such problems and can reduce operating expenses between 10 to 30 percent. The reason for infrared Thermography to be such an effective tool for power quality assessment is that, it is a reliable, non-contact tool that can scan & visualize temperature disturbances in electrical networks and cooled environment. By using the onsite audit measurements like airflow, air pressure, temperature etc we construct a virtual model of your facility using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling. The 3D visualization allows us to assess current thermal conditions that degrade cooling efficiency and identify specific root causes of inefficient thermal management, such as hot spots, insufficient airflow, air recirculation, and improper equipment layout. From this, recommendations are made to improve cooling performance and provide cost savings opportunities.

Our Audit Services help the customers to identify potential problems, plan and take corrective measures, and prevent facility downtime and also enhance the quality in all respects, saving both time and money.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.