Medium Voltage Systems

Under the Medium Voltage (MV) Systems Portfolio Unicorn provides complete protection, automation, communications, and metering solutions for critical electrical infrastructure. Along with MV Switchgears and Gas Insulated Switch Gears, Fault Indicators and Sensors are also available from the big brands from across the globe. Our specialist MV engineering experts are pushing forward international design practice. In design for dynamic and environmental loads, our leading MV expertise produce advancements that reduce cost and improve performance , including inventive testing systems.


Unicorn in association with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) fills a growing need in the electric power industry as companies deal with the impacts of smaller engineering staffs and increasingly complex requirements. SEL is the electric power industry's leader in fault indicator technology, producing the widest variety of fault indicator products. SEL designs and manufactures fault indicators and sensors, supplying utilities around the world with products that help reduce the fault-finding time so that power can be restored quickly after a fault occurs and are an extremely successful product concept.

SEL range of Fault Indicators reduces fault-finding time by 50 percent and make faster utility restoration. Their compact, lightweight construction simplifies installation. Its Strong, simple clamping mechanisms fit various conductor sizes and the displays are easy to spot and read. Patented technology, offering the longest flashing-hour life in the industry. And the SEL range offers standard and custom solutions.

Overhead Fault Indicators

SEL offers a variety of fault indicators for use on unfused taps, long feeders with midline reclosers or sectionalizers, overhead to underground transitions, and feeders that experience recurring faults. Choose from manual, timed, or automatic reset models and line- or battery- powered options.

Underground Fault Indicators

SEL offers a variety of fault indicators for use on subsurface or pad-mounted transformers, subsurface or pad-mounted switchgear and sectionalizing cabinets, junction boxes, and splices. Choose from single or three-phase underground depending on your application. Select from manual, timed, or automatic reset models and cable- or battery-powered options. An auxiliary contact option provides SCADA compatibility.

WSO Wireless Sensors

Apply the WSO wireless sensors for overhead lines to improve distribution system reliability by remotely monitoring circuits for faults and outages. Using centrally reported data, dispatch repair personnel directly to the faulted line section, reducing outage durations by up to 50%. Users can also periodically log circuit load data for system analysis and remotely monitor the system.

Other range of Fault Indicators & Sensors from SEL are :

Fault Transmitter and Receiver System

Underground Distribution Sensor

Wireless Faulted Circuit Indicator status system


Manual Button Reset Fault Indicator

Manual Reset (MR) Fault Indicators


Our Medium Voltage Switchgear products provides centralized control and protection of medium-voltage power equipment and circuits in industrial, commercial, and utility installations involving generators, motors, feeder circuits, and transmission and distribution lines. Our range is for all customers, from system integrators to end users, and all applications, from refurbishment, line extension to new installations and for primary and secondary distribution to suit every application.

MAXI-HV range of compact MV Switchgear :
  • 70% smaller than the other companies and thus Reduced installation space.
  • It can be a variety of combinations to suit Easy movement and installation.
  • Equipped with durable improvement devices and various safety devices.
  • Complete isolation for safety.
  • Safety through DLD (Door Locking Device) Protection gadget.


Flexible combination, reliability, availability and economy are the attributes that make our GIS a perfect choice for the secondary and primary distribution for substations, small industries, renewables or infrastructure. Our wide range of GI switchgear with reliable SF6 technology meet all performance and reliability requirements specified for modern and advanced GIS. Unicorn’s range of GIS from true global brands are equipped with

digital protection and control technology, sensor systems and plug-in connections those makes best fit for the future.


  • Passed KRSA-3007 standards ensuring reliability
  • Minimize maintenance with a simple structure and sealing mechanisms
  • Adopts modular structure, a variety of circuit configurations are available.
  • Obtained Green Product & Technology Certification.

Unicorn brings industry-experienced engineers to every project for the best possible solution by pushing ourselves to find better solutions through insight, innovation and integration.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.