Testing & Measurement Systems

Those decisive authorities always upkeep conservation efforts to successfully drive down consumption, but sought ways to reduce operating costs. Determining the usage by measurement is the conventional methodology, but those measures will not be enough to offset the revenue losses and ever increasing costs of maintaining the electrical system, as the losses from power aberrations and quality always plays vital role in such costs. Our Power Quality solutions combine leading power quality capabilities with exceptional metering technologies to helping locate power quality disturbances, active harmonic filters and industrial grade stabilizers to mitigate them.

Passion and energy are what driven Unicorn during last 23 years from India to become the leader in testing, protection and measurement solutions for utilities in Oman. Our SmartSense, a Software-as-a-Service big data energy analytics platformenables commercial and industrial users to take crucial operational decisions to optimize productivity; real time monitoring of asset efficiency and helps carry out predictive maintenances.

Our Revenue Meters are from SEL, who invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. This technology prevents blackouts and enables customers to improve power system reliability and safety at a reduced cost. A 100 percent employee-owned company, SEL has manufactured products in the United States since 1984 and now serves customers worldwide through reliable and techno-savvy partners like UNICORN


Energy and plant managers to centrally monitor and optimize energy consumption across multiple locations bringing energy data, including electricity, water, gas, temperature, pressure, production, etc.. And integrating with existing data sources, such as SCADA, EMS, or ERP systems. SmartSense is designed to make their life easy. After capturing data from various points of the plant or facility, SmartSense transmits to a cloud-based server where the software analyses and recommends changes and these analytics helps the customer to move from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Based on the data published by one of the biggest OEM’s in the world, predictive analytics of equipment reduces downtime by 70%, Extends life time by 30% and reduces energy consumption by 10%. Predictive maintenance means the decision to carry out maintenance program is based on data and not on log sheets, ERP’s, OEM’s or your energy consultant’s recommendations.

Overall Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

  • Reduces equipment costs: A repair is made possible prior to failure.
  • Reduces laborcosts: Scheduled repairs, reduced repair time, lesser component replacements and greatly reduced “critical callouts”.
  • Reduces lost production time: A proactive maintenance that can schedule repair during non-productive times.
  • Increases safety: Potential problems to be fixed before failure occurs.
  • Increases revenue: With less maintenance and quicker repair
  • Increases efficiency of employee time: By identifying the precise repair task, parts, tools and support needed to correct the problem.


The SEL Revenue Meters exceed ANSI and IEC Class 0.2 accuracy with four-quadrant energy and demand metering. Advanced load profile trending compatible with MV-90, DNP3, and Modbus protocols ensures integration with practically any billing system. In addition to a full set of revenue metering features, advanced power quality monitoring will report costly system disturbances. The capabilities of SEL meters can be enhanced with acSELerator Meter Reports Software. Meter Reports allows you to optimize your system by analyzing data, identifying usage trends, and diagnosing system problems. With reliable Class A measurement, operators can identify power system anomalies and isolate their source with confidence. The SEL meters are the premiere choice for generation, interchange, transmission, distribution, or industrial applications.

SEL range ensures Revenue Metering accuracy with bidirectional, full four-quadrant energy metering for generation, interchange, transmission, distribution, or industrial applications. Many new metering installations, such as distributed generation, operate over a wide current range and feature technology to compensate for Errors in Instrument Transformers. Also it allows to capture rate-based demand and energy consumption, configured with a user-defined calendar. A user-defined schedule instructs the meter to perform a particular action at a specified time, such as a self-read or demand reset. Apply time-of-use metering to bill consumption at different rates based on season, day type, and time of day. There are options for Revenue Metering which allow the users to measure and report reliable power quality indicators as well.

Major Features of the SEL range of Revenue Meters are:
  • Accurate metering with load profile data collection and synchronized phasor measurement
  • Time-of-Use (TOU) metering with transformer and line-loss compensation
  • Predictive demand function monitors accumulated demand
  • Flexible Mounting Options with a variety of bezels, brackets, enclosures
  • Customizable 3/1 Line display with front navigation
  • Six Programmable LEDs and custom local control options

UNICORN serves the electrical power industry with innovative products and services for testing, diagnostics and monitoring of assets worldwide. We help to make the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity safe, reliable and economical. Please CONTACT our solutions team for further support.