Chemical Products

We provide a full line of Chemical products and technical services to the refinery, petrochemical, pipeline, gas plant, and oil and gas producing and processing industries. Servicing upstream, midstream, and downstream markets, we have the technical know-how and experience to support you in selecting the right chemistry that fit our customer needs.

Our products portfolio comprises a choice of Chemical products for various applications in Oil & Gas industry like Drilling & Production Additives, Operation Additives and Sewage Treatment agents. We offer a broad portfolio of surfactants and specialty chemicals that enable oil field service companies worldwide to competitively and safely extract oil and gas without increasing water consumption. Unicorn delivers an array of innovating products and technologies used in drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production operations from quality and cost effective brands across the globe.

Our Drilling, Production and Operation Additives comprise extremely wide range of chemical additives for varied applications across the industry. From Polymer Fluid Loss Additives, Retarder Chemicals, Compound type non-phosphorous type washing agents, Spacer Additive chemicals and to de-foamer agents are the major category of chemicals available both in dry and liquid types. Also available are Guar Gum and Derivatives, Speciality Surfactant and Surfactant Formulation, Phosphorus Specialities and Derivatives, Speciality Amines, Specialty Polymers, Peroxides, Soda Ash and Derivatives.

Our key account managers possess years of industry experience, are experts in their respective regions and product areas, and serve as a gateway to the wider Unicorn organization. They are devoted to building an intimate understanding of each customer and supplier’s individual needs and operating environment by sharing their knowledge of our products and applications through on-site visits and technical workshops.

Our technicians and experts are on hand to deliver our broad product line-up, service portfolio, and technical expertise to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout our relationship, our Oil & Gas team will remain in close contact to monitor improvements in technical performance and customer satisfaction. We respond quickly to customer concerns, while our in-house logistics experts are prepared to leverage the entire Unicorn network to deliver creative and tailor-made operational and supply chain solutions.