Electro Mechanical Products

Specifically designed for surface production facilities and eliminating separation requirements, Unicorn’s Electro-mechanical products for Oil & Gas applications integrate robust electronic components within its modular design to increase reliability while minimizing downtime and reducing running costs. Our Electro-Mechanical products assortment got a wide range of Multi-Phase Metering Devices, Thermal Well Head Assembly, Screw Pumps, Oil well Motors and Blow-Out Preventive Units from global OEMs and all are backed with on-site and local service support from Unicorn.


Our MFM Devices enable our customers to realize increased value from their wells and fields through improved production monitoring, optimization of well performance, increased efficiency and reduced metering costs. They are used both onshore and offshore for fast, accurate, and reliable well testing. Multiphase flow meters, sometimes referred to as MPFM, are used in place of traditional two phase and three phase test separators. For real-time 24/7 surveillance, our MFM range flow meters provide an easily installed, cost-effective solution for permanent wellhead monitoring and high value, downstream applications.

The MF Meter is a technologically advanced way to efficiently separate gas from liquids and then accurately measure the amount of gas, oil, and water flowing before recombining the streams to the output flange. Efficient separation takes place through an advanced vessel design where tangential velocity typically creates a separation force in excess of 50 g's. The separated gas then passes through demisting elements to further dry the gas before it is routed to the gas meter. The separated liquids are then routed for liquid metering.

The Electronics Enclosure is available in explosion proof models made from either stainless steel or aluminum. The display is a 6-inch color touchscreen with a data logging feature. The data interface includes MODBUS, HART, analog I/O, pulse input, and alarm relays. The enclosures provide for user interaction through a 4-button interface in addition to the touchscreen. System power is supplied through either 100 to 240 Vac or 24 Vdc.


Unicorn understands the fat that technology is the key to unlocking the vast heavy oil resources in an economic and environmentally sustainable manner. Unicorn’s extensive O&G experience facilitates the availability of new technology in innovative wellhead designs, cost effective solutions, and continual improvement in products and services from renowned manufacturers.

Our products range includes Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS), in situ combustion, Toe-to-Heal Air Injection (THAI), and evolving leading-edge solutions. We also work with producers to develop high-temperature wellhead technology for new approaches to using thermal technologies in the production of heavy oil. Entre products are from OEMs with API Annex F tested hangers, adapters, heads and gate valves, and is designed to accommodate multiple tubing strings, instrumentation lines and artificial lift.


Unicorn brings in proven track record of a one-stop-solution for BOP control systems, including supply of multiple brand BOP systems as well as custom engineering and design. Our OEM Capabilities incorporate 24/7 fabrication, full in-house testing capability, computer-aided manufacturing, upgrading of existing hydraulic controls to electric or pneumatic systems and spares inventory/management service. Our range comprise annular blowout preventers, ram blowout preventers, BOP control systems, choke and kill manifolds from competitive and quality manufacturers. All of our blowout preventers, BOP control system, and choke and kill manifolds meet the industry standards established by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Our wide range of BOPs can be used for land drilling and offshore drilling operations. Our blowout preventers are interchangeable with the most popular OEM BOPs in the industry. Blowout preventer equipment should be designed to close the top of the hole, to control the release of fluids, to permit pumping into the hole and also to allow movement of the inner string of pipe. Thus the requirement of different types of blowout preventers on drilling rig are: Annular Preventers, Ram Preventers, Rotational Preventers and Diverters. Thus Unicorn’s assortment of BOPs are from OEMS known for quality and cost effectiveness and are available for w very wide range of ratings from API Class 2M upto 15M handle a very wide range of service conditions and pressure.