Precision Air Conditioners

Precision Air Conditioning products are designed for a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is essential, including Data Center cooling, medium and low density Server Environments, Telecom Switching Stations, Medical Operating theatres and Clean Room environments. PACs are designed for precise and quick processor-based temperature control, precise humidity control, 24 x 7, 365 days continuous operation, to manage high levels of sensible heat (heat without humidity, emanated by machines). Because precision air conditioning maintains temperature and humidity within a very narrow range, it provides the environmental stability required by sensitive electronic equipment, allowing business to avoid expensive downtime.

Under our Data Center Solutions portfolio, UNICORN is proudly associated with Airedale International, where there each piece of precision air conditioners is a masterpiece with applied thermal Innovation designed to perform. Each Airedale system has been engineered to maximize efficiency, reduce power consumption and optimize performance. Manufactured in the UK since 1974, and applied worldwide. Unicorn helps our customers to discover how Airedale technology, the British charm with outstanding straight-line performance can help their Data Centers and always be a good bit over the top.

Perfectly suited to a wide variety of equipment cooling applications, the Airedale range of PACs consists of completely packaged units for either internal or external installation and are built to the most exacting of standards. Airdale SmartCool™ is developed to meet demand for an ultra-efficient, dedicated chilled water PAC system that delivers extremely quiet and accurate climate control for critical INDOOR data center applications. The EasiCool™ INDOOR MODULAR range is a quiet, efficient, indoor precision air conditioning unit that maintains a precisely controlled air conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint and provide exceptional configuration flexibility to tailor unit selection to your specific application. The Ecotel™ Free Cool is a self-contained, OUTDOOR cabin cooler which has been specifically developed to cool outdoor cabins, shelters, computer rooms, re-locatable equipment buildings and telecom base stations.

SmartCool™ INDOOR

It delivers up to 30% more cooling kW/m² when compared with competitor units, keeping footprint to a minimum to free up premium IT space. Applied cutting edge technology enables the SmartCool™ to quietly and precisely control room temperature, humidity and air quality to ensure efficient, reliable, 24/7 operation of sensitive systems in data centres and other critical applications. Choose from over 150 down-flow models available in:8 system types, 17 case sizes, Single or dual circuit featuring: DX air cooled (16kW – 137kW); DX water cooled (60kW – 137kW); Chilled water (11kW – 233kW).


This model typically offers up to 8% more cooling per kW/m² than previous generation systems. An excellent value, modular package that is easy to install, the EasiCool™ is ideal for small computer rooms and other critical applications where performance and reliability are essential and space is at a premium. An extensive 374 models offer a choice of: Up-flow and down-flow configurations, 17 capacity steps, three cooling types: Air cooled, water cooled or chilled water, 6 case sizes and Full function (cooling, heating and dehumidification) or cooling only.


Designed for where internal space is limited or unavailable, the Ecotel™ is quick and easy to install, utilizing a secure mounting bracket system. It you the flexibility to optimize unit selection to match the considerations of your specific project. Five model sizes are available as part of this range, 5kW, 8kW, 11kW, 15kW and 19kW. The unit utilizes single or dual systems to provide one, two or three stages of cooling (dependent on unit selection) in addition to its standard free-cooling capabilities. Large surface area coils are ideally positioned to optimise airflow and heat transfer.

We, UNICORN pride ourselves on building strong relationships; our engineers will work with you to deliver an air-conditioning solution that exceeds each and every one of your project needs. Our engineers will be with you every step of the way. They don’t just stop at sale; they provide total support throughout design, commissioning and operation backed by unrivalled on-site after sales support. CONTACT US for more.