Infrastructure and Connectivity Solutions

The data center infrastructure has evolved far beyond a centralized solution. Now, with cloud computing, more data demands, and distributed environments — there is a greater than ever need for agility. Also the traffic in data centers is growing at an unprecedented rate, with network traffic growing at 25+% and enterprise storage at 50+% annually, underscoring the need to design purpose-built and turnkey data centers that can respond to these challenges and business requirements quickly. The rate of changing business demands requires that data centers be “purpose-built,” based on business direction and long-term growth projections. The pressure to sustain this pace is putting increasing strain on both IT and Facilities. This calls for an architecture that enables fast and efficient scalability, whether to meet capacity needs or to migrate to higher data speeds.

Unicorn’s Infrastructure & Connectivity Solutions from PANDUIT deliver a complete family of data center hardware, software, and services that are modular, pre-tested and proven to work together, allowing IT and Facilities stakeholders to stay ahead of demands, minimize required resources and expenses and reduce total cost of ownership. Our unparalleled connectivity and physical infrastructure expertise can help you thrive in this new reality and prepare you for the future.


Panduit pre-configured infrastructures help solve this problem and reduce the risks associated with adoption of new technologies by optimizing the physical infrastructure to the logical elements of the network.To reduce planning, design, fulfillment and procurement times, each pre-configured physical infrastructure includes all necessary systems integrated within Panduit cabinets under one part number.

Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures Are Engineered, Tested and Validated to:
  • Achieve faster time to deployment
  • Enhance thermal performance
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Reduce total cost of ownership


The physical infrastructure can have a significant impact on the performance, efficiency and reliability of your data center. As you begin your data center project, take into consideration important infrastructure elements, including cable pathways, grounding and bonding, and identification systems, which help provide:

  • Simplified Design Specification
  • Faster Implementation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Visibility and Control
  • Industry Best Practices

In partnership with Panduit we can supply and align all aspects of your Data Center white space. We cork with Data Center managers to seamlessly integrate a Scalable Modular Datacenter with:

  • Containment Solutions
  • Cabinets and Rack Power Distributions
  • Pathways & Cable Management
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Identification & Zone Cabling
  • Physical Security


Cooling Optimization and Thermal Solutions Control leaks, maintain hot/cold air separation, and deploy real-time monitoring with energy-efficient cabinets and cooling optimization solutions that allow higher data center set points and reduce cooling system energy consumption by up to 40%.

Our Cooling Optimization is a turn-key wireless monitoring and cooling control solution for data centers that uses intelligent software, leading edge wireless nodes, and professional services to gain real-time visibility into current data center operating conditions. This includes a robust set of monitoring and control features, data center operators can measure:Server inlet temperatures, Delta T across CRAC units, Humidity and calculate dew points and Subfloor pressure differentials. By identifying operational or energy efficiency opportunities, this solution helps to improve cooling performance, increasing current capacity and reducing costs to deliver tangible ROI, as demonstrated by a proven track record of achieving tangible ROI and payback timeframes consistently less than two years.


As data center convergence becomes more commonplace, so do the demands placed on the physical infrastructure. Panduit Connectivity solutions through Unicorn can Increase network’s throughput, reduce latency, and Improve service level agreements through its High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) systems.

Panduit HSDT empowers data center architects and managers to design advanced networks such as fabric-based architectures and FCoE, as well as higher bandwidth deployments such as 10/40/50/100 Gig Ethernet LANs and 8/16/32 Gig Fibre Channel SANs to be deployed independently or in various combinations. HSDT also works with pre-configured infrastructures, reduce speed-to-deployment, enhances thermal performance, and decreases energy usage and total cost of ownership.

With Panduit HSDT Copper and Fiber Systems, we provide the broadest end-to-end HSDT solutions, offering maximum flexibility and control in data center design, layout and deployment: Optical fiber, Direct attach copper cable assemblies and Twisted pair copper cabling.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.