Industrial Batteries

Our Stored Energy solutions include a wide range of battery technologies to suit every Industrial and commercial applications. Our OEM partner is EnerSys ®, the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. Under EnerSys ® brand we distribute reserve power, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure solutions. EnerSys ® maintains its leadership position by providing customers with world-class products and services, achieved through total employee involvement, teamwork, and supplier partnerships.

Unicorn’s team of experienced engineers makes the essential task of Sizing, Technology selection and Installation easy. Whatever your location, the friendly and responsive after-sales service, the reliable products and our motivated and enthusiastic team support you from the start with an uncompromising focus on quality. EnerSys ® got expertise in all technologies, combined with advanced manufacturing capabilities. Followings are the broad classification of batteries based on the technology that are available through Unicorn.


Flooded batteries come in the widest variety of shapes and sizes due to their widespread usage in a multitude of industries and applications. They’re the most commonly used batteries on the reserve power (standby) market today. Flooded batteries are very reliable and robust against harsh environments. For this reason, they are often preferred by majority of larger reserve power applications and are available upto 4000 AHrs.

Energia, Fiam, Hawker, Oerlikon and Powersafe are the major models available in this category. These Less sensitive to heat issues batteries has ability to replenish lost moisture due to gassing by adding distilled or deionized water and thus have proven long float life.


These Thin-Plate-Pure-Lead (TPPL) products are valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries made with absorbed glass mat (AGM) construction. VRLA-AGM type is a recombinant battery that prevent water loss. High grade acid is used in conjunction with high purity virgin lead for the grids, active materials, and current collectors. The plates are thin which allows more plates per available volume relative to traditional lead-acid batteries. A GEL battery has an immobilized gel as electrolyte and have greater resistance to extreme service temperatures.

Markets and applications served by TPPL batteries are telecommunications, cable TV, emergency lighting, load leveling, hybrid electric vehicles, engine start, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), computer back-up, medical equipment, solar power data processing, electronic, defense, aviation, oil and gas industry, and material handling.


The nickel–cadmium battery (Ni-Cd) is a type of rechargeable battery and is a mature technology since 1890s. Ni-Cd cells have a nominal cell potential of 1.2 volts. Compared with other types of rechargeable cells they offer good cycle life and capacity, good performance at low temperatures, and work well at high discharge rates. Larger ventilated wet cell and valve regulated Ni-Cd batteries are commonly used in reserve power applications such as emergency lighting, standby power, and UPS as well as other applications.

The GAZ series of Ni-Cd battery range includes the following models: KL, KM, KH, KGL, KGM and SOL G and assures low risk of terminal degradation and a proven 20 year plus service life.

Battery Chargers

EnerSys® offers 50Hz charging systems for almost all applications. They are featured with : High quality and industry proven to provide safe, Efficient battery charging, Automatic equalizing charge balances cell power, LED and are Equipped with the latest microprocessor control of the charge cycle.

To suit every type of battery and application EnerSys got a wide range of charger technologies. One is the durable and dependable basic Ferro-resonant chargers. High Frequency (HF) chargers which utilize fully controllable switching power devices such as MOSFET and IGBT which allow AC to DC rectification at high frequencies. Partial State of Charging (PSoC), often referred to as Opportunity, Rapid and Fast Charging, has revolutionized the way electric lift truck fleets are managed. In SCR charger provide more precise control of the output voltage and can easily interface with a microprocessor.

To have the right choice of Technology, Model and Rating for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.