Technical Skill Development

Our Four Step training program guarantee customers on translation of business objectives into a tailored training plan to suit individual business and technology. We initially identify business impact of the program and then analyze the skill gaps. Based on these finding only we devised the program by layering training methods and then evaluate the effectiveness and finally advise on methods to ensure that the gains are sustained. Out Technical Skill development program majorly deal with Power System Generalities, Operation & Maintenance practices of Power System and also functional Trouble Shooting and Root Cause Analysis methodologies. With technology creating more deskilled workers and with industrial workers being replaced by knowledge workers, training and development is at the forefront of every organization where Unicorn offers a one stop solution for instilling motivation, skills mastery and critical thinking among employees.


Power System training encompasses entire power ecosystem of the business and industry from MV or HV utility systems through monitoring and control systems to load distribution comprising all power quality and energy saving systems and stand by and protection power systems. Based on the trainee’s profile the training modules are customized with special attention given to major power system equipment and systems like Transformers, Breakers, PFC and AHF equipment, Control and Monitoring systems like PLC, BMS and SCADA, UPS Systems, Batteries, Diesel Generators, AC and DC power supplies, Cabling, Earthing etc.


Functional Trouble Shooting and Root Cause Analysis modules gives individual attention to equipment restoration and corrective and preventing methodologies. Over and above the system functionalities tangible maintenance practices on power quality and sustainability are given importance so that trainings are translated into organization’s long term goals though environmentally responsible employee philosophy and actions. Trainings are imparted on various national and international standards, codes and practices through exposure to the advanced monitoring and control systems, software tools and modelling techniques.

Keeping business goals in focus we ensure that training and development makes a measurable impact. Through these programs Unicorn can ensure that skills necessary to achieve the company’s future growth projections are developed as it includes learner-driven content, virtual instructor-led options, semi-annual conferences, and on-the-job projects.