Safety Management

Every employer has a legal obligation to furnish a place of employment free from known hazards. Through our Safety Management training our customer employee can learn how to develop an effective proactive safety management system using time-tested methods that have proven successful in all organizations. The course discusses critical elements of a successful safety management system, including developing safety programs, policies, plans, processes, and procedures. The training got modules of Environment, Health & Safety, Safety Audit Practices and Trainer’s Training.

Through three major modules our Safety Management training broadly cover every aspects of safety with respect to the customer industry or business. It covers Safety Management System Components, Commitment, Accountability, Employee Involvement, Effective Communications, Hazard Identification, Hazard Control Strategies, Accident Investigation Basics, Safety Education and Training Principles of Total Quality Safety Management.


This training module is a comprehensive suite of training and qualifications in health, safety and environmental management. The courses specifically for those who are required to manage employee health, workplace safety and management of their environment within the workplace like managing their own carbon footprint etc. This course is designed to give your employee some ideas to help meet safety obligation and apply effective management principles to the function of workplace safety. The ultimate goal is to help them understand these principles so that it affects their thinking, beliefs, decision and finally their actions to improve our customer’s safety management system and leadership culture.

This course enables our customers to reduce the costs and risks associated with workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. These training services are designed for organizations of all sizes, from blue-chip companies to sole traders in various sectors and environments including Office, Industrial, Commercial, Construction, Leisure, Retail and Educational establishments. Our decisive customers who are concerned about recycling and energy consumption or a construction company requiring a site waste management plan, Unicorn have the knowledge and expertise to help through these trainings and enable them to handle likely implications of their actions - past, present and future - on natural and built environments.


No matter whether it is a large or small organization or whether the work is high risk or low risk – every organization needs to make sure that it follows good health, safety and environmental practices. The safety audit ensures an organization’s safety management system is being effectively implemented. Our training enables the customers to have an internal auditor who can look at safety concerns impartially through expert eyes so that risk of accidents is reduced, work-related ill health is minimized and legal compliance for safety is established. Thus the organization can have an ongoing safety management plan in place, which is established, monitored and maintained.

This training covers General health and safety audits, Computer safety audits (DSE assessments), Fire safety audits, Noise safety audits along with Carbon foot-printing, Environmental audits, Site Waste Management Plans, Hazardous site registrations, Environmental Impact Assessments.


Environmental Health and Safety Trainers essentially educate the people who will be responsible for the proper conduct of health and safety in the workplace. We provide practical and professional training to give staff the knowledge and confidence they need for this key safety role and to train future EHS practitioners and auditors. Understanding the compliance and permitting requirements in the industry can be challenging and thus developing a Trainer within the industry ensures specialization and customization of the organizations EHS plans that suit best to their own nature of business and environment. In-depth knowledge of national and local regulatory requirements, management systems and exposure to effective company-wide auditing techniques are the key elements imparted through our trainer’s training.

Unicorn’s team of HSE experts combine practitioners and academics, all fully qualified and highly experienced in both their subjects and delivering effective training. This course enables trainers to work independently of large organizations, providing training for environmental health and safety professionals across the spectrum.