Mechanical Contracting

The ever changing technology that will bring about a new industrial revolution is already available, and across the global economy, businesses are beginning to leverage it to deliver huge productivity benefits. As we are finally on the crossover of the much-heralded fourth industrial age, Unicorn’s Mechanical Contracting division is keeping the latest techniques and methodologies in its bequest. Our capabilities under this division include HVAC systems, Fire Hydrants, Sprinklers, Fire engineering, Fire-Water Piping etc. Assimilating all advantages of this technical revolution, we are owed to radically improve the productivity levels of our industry, improve quality, safety and the impacts on the environment.


Unicorn provides a HVAC Services based on Quality, Cost Effectiveness and Safe Systems. Our Mechanical Installations team consists of highly qualified and experienced plumbers and mechanical supervisors with years of exclusive domain expertise. Our experienced teams are made up of a variety of people from a range of HVAC backgrounds and sectors, who have developed their careers with us over many years - taking their knowledge into different sectors like industry, commercial and residential sectors and thus delivering projects that exceed customer expectations.

We pair our technical expertise with the latest technology to meet all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Our design and fabrication service allows us to deliver sustainable solutions which match your distinct requirements. Through rigorous construction standards and experienced engineers, we deliver an end result that is built to last, at the same time, keeping you in the loop during the process. Each project is led by a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you and your team to ensure all your needs are met.

Our HVAC Portfolio comprise:

  • Air Conditioning Systems, Split & Multi Split Systems
  • VRV & VRF Systems
  • Supply & Extract System with heating & comfort cooling
  • Full packaged controls & BMS systems
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Chillers & Air Handling Units and Air Ducts
  • Rooftop Packaged Units

Our thoughtfully designed systems take into account your current requirements, future requirements and any particulates challenges you need to overcome. The end result is a system that delivers fantastic value – whether it’s a simple upgrade or a new turnkey solution including mechanical, electrical, controls, air-conditioning, service and maintenance and project-management services.


Fire strategy is a critical component of any building, new or old. Our team has extensive experience working on residential, commercial, industrial and high hazard process construction projects. From concept to construction, our fire engineering expertise can help to optimize design and ensure complex buildings are compliant with regulations.

Our consultative approach allows us to reconcile the functional requirements of the building with the architectural or aesthetical aspirations of the client, developing a fire strategy that ensures the safety of occupants whilst delivering the best economic solution. Our fire engineering team can liaison with approving authorities allowing timely resolution of fire safety design propositions throughout each stage of design development. Specializing in fire sprinkler, deluge, water spray and foam systems, we cater to industrial and special hazard sectors.

Sprinkler Systems:

In many situations, a traditional wet sprinkler system is ideal. These systems are permanently charged with water and when the heat of a fire rises to the high level of the sprinkler heads, this heat causes triggering the release of the water. Not all sprinkler heads are activated in these systems, but only those that are over the area of the fire. These systems provide great water coverage to control or extinguish the fire whilst minimizing water damage. We offer a range of different sprinkler systems to suit a variety of environments.

Deluge Systems:

We offer a range of deluge systems to suit any commercial environment. Deluge systems are ideally suited to large areas such as aircraft hangars, petrochemical stores and tanker loading/off-loading bays. Unlike a traditional fire sprinkler system which operates only in the immediate area of the sprinkler head(s) activated, in a deluge system all heads operate simultaneously and provide a full blanket cover of water or a water / foam mix.

Foam Systems:

Enhance your fire protection system with a foam system. Our specialists can discuss the various options with you to determine what might be most appropriate to your circumstances. Our site survey will also assess what would be suitable – depending on the size of the area and its usage, options may include foam bladder tanks or foam proportioning skids.

Fire Hydrants:

We have Fire hydrants to suit any environment. To ensure a good, strong supply of water for the fire brigade if they were to need to attend your site to tackle a fire, they will need to access a fire hydrant. Offer underground fire hydrants as well as above ground pillar type fire hydrants. Following a site survey, our expert team can design a hydrant ring system for you to suit your site requirements.

To have the right choice of rating and model for your specific application, please CONTACT our Solutions Team.