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Solar Power Systems
As a business, investing in a solar PV system has distinct financial benefits and visually demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. Our reliable products combine economic design with ecological operation. Our technologically advanced products enable you to make a secure investment that will conserve resources while saving you money.
Unicorn has partnered with industry leaders to offer a unique turnkey solution and thus develops, designs, engineers and installs commercial-scale solar array systems for commercial, industrial and government clients.

Installing a solar energy system is one of the most important investments your business can make. First and foremost, you'll be doing your part to protect the earth's environment by reducing your carbon footprint. You'll also reduce your overall operating costs . With a system expected to last at least 25 years, the savings realized through lower energy bills alone can give an unequalled return on investment.

Unicorn Solar Energy Solutions – the bright alternative
Our Solar Energy Solutions as a package is specially designed for the customers to meet the Solar Power Obligations with affordable quality PV solutions.
Our Solar Solutions highlights are:
Products : System -Wide end to end Solar Power Solutions
Services : Early Research on Site & Project Proposals
EPC : Engineering Design, Management and Construction.
Unicorn develops, designs, engineers and installs high-quality solar modules known for their reliability. Our mission is to provide affordable green energy for all. As an innovative industry frontrunner with an environmental mind set, we are driving positive change in solar solutions.
Solar Power Systems Products:
Our Solar Product Portfolio includes entire range of products and accessories required for wide range of solar power plants and are using all technologies of leading manufacturers.
Solar Module | Inverters | Back Up / Energy Storage Systems | Mounting Systems | Accessories ( Array Combiner Boxes, Transformers, Cables etc)| Monitoring Systems
The highlights are:
  • Product range from Modules to BOS components- complete PV product line.
  • Monocrystalline , Polycrystalline and Thin Film PV modules – entire range to choose from.
  • PV Modules from 85W to 310W to suit widest range of projects. – more power per Module.
  • All products are KEMA, IEC, UL and ISO Certified.li>
  • Widely accepted brands and technology
  • Extended Product warranty of 10 Years and Output Performance warranty upto 25 years
Solar Power Systems Services:
  • With Early Research
  • Project Location
  • Installation area
  • Transformer capacity / the ability to send power
  • Capital and the rough size
  • Project Proposals
  • Project background and necessity
  • System configuration
  • Method of being connected to grid
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Measurement of capacity
  • Financial analysis
EPC Solutions
Engineering Design
  • Solar module selection
  • The selection of electrical equipment
  • Monitoring and Communication system design
  • BIPV design
  • Design of capital construction
  • Design of power grid access system
Engineering Management
  • Supervising the project
  • Management of safety, quality and schedule
  • Making equipment and materials plans
  • Procurement of the equipment and materials
  • Preparation of various material of report
Engineering Construction
  • Organizing and arrangement
  • Construction
  • Equipment installation and commissioning
  • System commissioning and acceptance inspection