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Power Quality Products
With the ever-increasing use of sophisticated controls and equipment in industrial, commercial, institutional, and governmental facilities, the continuity, reliability and power quality have become the buzzword of entire industries. Electrical systems are subject to a wide variety of power quality problems which can interrupt production processes, affect sensitive equipment, and cause downtime, scrap, and capacity losses.
With our years of experience in developing solutions to power quality problems, Unicorn offers comprehensive solutions backed by leading technology and Unicorn’s team of experts. We can partner with you to identify the best approach to solve your power quality problem, then design and deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations.
Power Quality Solutions:
Our solutions draw on power quality systems which provide the broadest selection of products offering whole-facility protection from virtually any power quality problem. The followings are the list of Power Quality solutions we offer:
  • Real-time power quality enhancement for Common Voltage Quality Problems.
  • Power factor correction, energy savings and voltage support for dynamic loads.
  • Transient free Reactive Power Compensation.
  • Motor Start up Solution for the challenges related to large motor start-ups.
  • Economic Harmonic filters to meet EN61000-3-12, IEEE-519 standards.
  • Compact Harmonic Filters for Diode and Thyristor equipment.
  • Active Harmonic Filters (AHF) for variety of applications.
  • Global or selective compensation of Harmonic currents up to the 50th order.
  • AHF for Compensation of displacement power factor and load balancing.
  • AHF for Industrial applications with Response time of less than 300 micro secs.
Our Power Quality Products:
Equalizers : Real-time power quality enhancement system
Optimizers : PF correction and voltage support for dynamic loads
Compensators : Transient free reactive Power compensators
Reactors : Real time and dynamic Motor Start Up Solution
Passive Harmonic Filters : Cost effective harmonic filters for system capacity utilisation
Active Harmonic Filters : Global or selective harmonic compensation systems

Unicorn's array of products from global leaders in power quality are field-proven and today correct a wide array of power quality problems at installation sites around the world.