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Implementation and Management
Our Project Implementation and Management services ensure physical infrastructure designs are flawlessly implemented. These services combine the people, processes and technology, with the program and project management and assure that the Data Center provides business agility at a lower cost.
Implementation of a design requires the coordination of many resources, and projects often fail due to flawed project management. We can help to avoid delays, needless expense, and ensure that the implementation of the project goes smoothly and achieves the results required. Unicorn offers a complete range of services that create a cohesive, end-to-end optimization and implementation of Data Center and can complement client efforts and fill gaps in client skills and capacities.
These services address any and all aspects of the data center including :
  • Facilities Layout, Architecture, Interior, Power and Cooling
  • Non IT System infrastructure: such as Safety and Security
  • Infrastructure mapping & dependencies
  • Service Management and Operations considerations
Our seasoned professionals understand the physical infrastructure’s impact on logical design and use proven methodologies to ensure that the implementation is accomplished as efficiently as possible, therefore maximizing the return on investment. The services covers all the key areas such as :
  • Site inspection and Feasibility analysis
  • Technology master format planning
  • Planning and Cost budgeting
  • Constructing, On Site Project Management
  • Installation Quality Assurance Audit
  • Milestone-based installation audits
  • Final Commissioning and Acceptance
  • Maintaining, Security and Compliance

By facilitating a smooth, efficient and successful physical infrastructure deployment, the result of our services is a Data Center environment that is :

  • Always available
  • Scalable
  • Redundant
  • Fault-Tolerant
  • Manageable
  • Maintainable

Our Proven and tailored methodologies and know how to integrate components from multiple vendors proactively ensures a Data Center that is:

  • Free from Risks of costly downtime
  • Free from Resource and Skills constraints
  • With Simplified management
  • Optimized system performance and improved productivity
  • Substantiated Security and Compliance
  • Assured Return on investment

Our On-Site Management Services can be tailored to the needs and thus fit the unique characteristics of virtually any Data Center and ensure that the design is implemented according to the plan, on-time and on-budget.