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Specialised Assessment Services
Big Data is getting bigger, the cloud is becoming an imperative, causes for downtime is all-around, security is more critical than ever. If you’re still managing your Data Center infrastructure in isolated silos, these challenges can be overwhelming. Our Specialised Assessment services for Data Center are becoming more and more of the essence and are designed to give you the agility, scale and resilience necessary for your business to survive and thrive.
Studies reveal that the three primary causes of downtime in mission-critical facilities like Data Center are Infrastructure Failure (71%), Human Error (15%) and Environmental Factors (14%). There is only one way for mitigating these failure chances: know them, their causes and effects. Our specialised and customised Audit Packages help you to discover such fragilities in the facility and provide a detailed status report as well as recommendations to improve overall system reliability and efficiency. These audit packages can be customised based on the facility's design, installation standards, equipment deployment and maintenance programs. The gamut of our services comprises:
  • Data Center Risk Assessments
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Data Center Environmental Assessments

Our assessments can identify capacity shortfalls and gaps in what was thought to be a robust Data Center. These gaps represent vulnerabilities that erode both reliability and availability, putting the facility at risk of unplanned outages. Gaps are identified in our Specialised Assessment Services through a combination of physical verification/observation and document review.


Data Center Risk Assessment is a comprehensive Data Center inspection to assess the ability of the supporting infrastructure to provide continuous availability. This includes a site inspection, an evaluation of the present load condition, a comparison to the capacity constraints, identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks an assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site and recommendations for improvements. Unicorn's DCRA Service surveys, analyse and makes recommendations for improving the Reliability of 2nd and 3rd elements i.e. Building and Non-IT Infrastructure, the people who operate the Physical Infrastructure of Data Center and its operational process. Unicorn’s Data Center Risk Assessment quantifies the risk and exposure of the critical facilities to failure.
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and single points of failure
  • Alignment of business mission and facility performance expectation
  • First step in creating an action plan for site hardening
  • Benchmark against the industry standards
  • Assists in developing business case for capital expenditures
DCRA focus on assessing your passive and non-IT infrastructure needs as they relate to your end objective. This assessment helps strengthen the planning processes in order to reduce costs and tailor a solution that integrates seamlessly with your future plans.


Faced with rising operations and energy costs, Data Center professionals are being challenged with the need to institute energy savings initiatives. These initiatives must also balance the need to maximize the power, space, and cooling capacities of their facilities.
Data Center Energy Efficiency Services establishes energy efficiency & reliability benchmarks for your Data Center physical infrastructure to help you utilize resources more efficiently and reduce cooling and energy consumption. The service also provides analyses and recommendations to help you efficiently upgrade and expand the power, cooling, and space to support new equipment or design a new facility. Our team of experts use best-practices, methodologies and advanced tools to identify problems that compromise availability and energy efficiency. Our Service helps you to benchmark the power, cooling, and ancillary support systems of your Data Center so as to increase its energy efficiency.
The activities included in the services are:
  • Inspect physical infrastructure
  • Assess and Benchmark energy efficiency
  • Project efficiency as per parameter and situational changes
  • Map air flow and temperature distribution
This Energy Efficiency Optimization Service provides Data Center managers with the capacity to analyse the power and cooling system to resolve capacity issues, ensure readiness for future growth while understanding how efficiently power is being utilized.
This highly customisable service ensures
  • Energy efficiency improvements between 10-40%
  • Simplified executive dashboard views
  • Comprehensive solutions that include intelligent technologies and services.
  • Optimised Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improves operational quality, lower unit cost and fastest ROI.


Major Scope of our Data Center Environmental assessment is Air Quality Audit is to assess the ambient environmental conditions such as particle content, humidity factors, clean-room factors such as air-change rate. Existence of certain contaminants in the Data Center air can be harmful to the life of the IT equipment. DC Air quality audits follows well established guideline i.e. ISO 14644-1.
The assessment will reveal information about Airborne particulate as well as settled particulate, under and above raised floor.
  • Microscopic particle per cubic metre of air
  • Corrosion/oxidation level and how can it be mitigated
  • Zinc and Sulphur contaminations
  • Subfloor contamination/microbial levels
  • Condition of the vapour barrier, if it exists
Over the course of time and physical changes to the facility, Data Centers can begin to experience equipment issues caused by less than desirable operating environment. Our DCEAS can provide an assessment of the current environment and the process of “cleaning” that environment to reduce or eliminate equipment issues. The results enable you to reduce technology costs while increasing reliability and system performance.
In addition to the above special assessment services, we have another host of value added services for IT and Telecom facilities.
Our value added services specially designed for IT and Telecom facilities are:
  • Grounding System Assessments
  • Electromagnetic Field Assessments
  • Infrared Thermography of Electrical Systems
  • Electrostatic Discharge Assessments
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