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Power & Cooling Assessments
Faced with rising operations and energy costs, Data Center, IT and Telecom professionals are being challenged with the need to institute energy savings initiatives along with up keeping the availability. These initiatives must also balance the need to maximize the Power, Space, and Cooling capacities of their facilities. Increasing Energy Efficiency, maximising reliability and optimising the availability begin with Understanding. The more you know, the more you save.
Our Power & Cooling Assessment services include the analysis of the Power and Cooling chain to determine Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at a given time or on an on-going basis with dynamic measurements that provide continual analysis and monitoring. By providing an unbiased assessment and analysis with vendor-agnostic solution options, these services ensure reduced PUE, maximum efficiency and effectiveness that improves operational quality, availability and readiness for future growth.
  • Baseline Power Quality Assessment
  • Baseline Power & Cooling Assessment
  • Comprehensive Cooling Assessment & CFD Services
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Assessment

Baseline Power Quality Assessment ( BPQA )

Unicornís Baseline Power Quality Assessment helps you to identify and quantify power quality problems and recommends mitigation measures to ensure adequate equipment performance.
  • Pinpoint electrical threats that could create interruptions or failures.
  • Identifies the quality and reliability of Facility Power
  • Identify power quality disturbances, their causes and their impact on electrical equipment.
  • Improves system performance
  • Determine the presence of insecure or undependable grounds in the critical power system.
Baseline Power & Cooling Assessment ( BPCA)
Unicornís Baseline Power & Cooling Assessment helps you to determine the potential capacity of your Data Center environment and gain a better understanding of Space Power and Cooling Resources. BPCA Service can reduce your operating expenses and maximize IT equipment capacity by identifying hot spots, improper equipment layout, and other issues that reduce cooling efficiency.
  • Forecast heating and power problems before they cause risks to uptime and performance.
  • Determine the Data Center's thermal conditions with respect to equipment reliability.
  • Identify hot spots to avoid degradation of equipment and critical data.
  • Ensure proper power & capacity of electrical infrastructure.
  • Maximize efficiency of power systems.
  • Ensure proper heat removal, effective air distribution and floor space usage.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Optimise the Space, Power and Cooling Requirement of a Critical facility

Comprehensive Cooling Assessment & CFD Services (CCA&CFD)

Maintaining the proper temperature within your IT equipment is critical to its continued operation. Increasing power densities and real estate limitations are making managing cooling issues more complex. Many of the problems that contribute to inefficient thermal management are easily overlooked. Our CCA&CFD Services precisely address such problems can reduce your operating expenses between 10 to 30 percent.
Unicornís Comprehensive Cooling Assessment helps you to develop effective and efficient cooling strategies for Data Center/IT/Telecom environment using scientific modelling tools and techniques. Find up to 30% savings in energy efficiency and unlock lost cooling capacity and more:
  • Ensures availability of highly reliable power and cooling for the facility
  • Identify reasons that cause hot spots and eliminate them so as to avoid breakdowns.
  • Locate and Analyse areas where temperature and humidity levels go beyond limits.
  • Foresee power and cooling deficiencies prior to installation of new equipment.
  • Generate a more efficient design for an existing or future facility.
  • Reduce capital and operating costs for future and existing setups respectively.
  • Improves operational quality and readiness for future growth.
By using the onsite audit measurements like airflow, air pressure, temperature etc we construct a virtual model of your facility using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling. The 3D visualisation allows us to assess current thermal conditions that degrade cooling efficiency and identify specific root causes of inefficient thermal management, such as hot spots, insufficient airflow, air recirculation, and improper equipment layout. From this, recommendations are made to improve cooling performance and provide cost savings opportunities.
Comprehensive Power Quality Assessment ( CPQA)
Unicornís Comprehensive Power Quality Assessment helps you to identify and address power quality and reliability concerns before they impact the facility's performance and bottom line. Our CPQA provide customer with a benchmark document that can be used as the departure point for mitigating vulnerabilities, improving reliability and availability, and long term planning.
  • The right choice to ensure power systems' reliability
  • Focus on the cost impact of your power quality problems
  • Characterises the present systems' power quality performance
  • Determine the presence of vulnerable grounds in the critical power system.
  • Estimates the cost associated with power quality aberrations
  • Characterise different solutions in terms of cost and effectiveness
  • Performs a comparative economic analysis of different solutions

Our Assessments provide customers a clearer picture of their facilitiesí Capacity, Reliability, and Vulnerabilities and an assessment is an important early step in developing a road map for future growth, upgrades, and expansion. Be efficient and future ready.

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