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Unicorn offers assessment services which are on-site evaluation and analysis of both IT & Telecom facilities and Data Center with recommendations to maximize availability, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs. Assessment services evaluate power usage, efficiency and utilization, and deliver recommendations for discrete and continuous improvements.
Optimizing the infrastructure performance is a task of balancing the goal of maximising the availability against the spiralling cost associated with the increased energy demands. Unicorn’s assessment services are designed to manage these tasks. Through these services our professional services consultants integrate knowledge of industry best practices with practical experience in assessment and analysis. The outcome is an Assessment Report that documents the facility capacity and capabilities in the context of industry-recognized measures of reliability and availability, unbiased analysis that ranks the severity of vulnerabilities and vendor-agnostic mitigation recommendations.
Our proven Tiered methodology in energy management services provides a wide range of assessment services for the Data Center, Telecom or IT environment, ensuring a solution that meets your unique business needs and fits your budget.
Our Assessment Services are broadly classified into two categories as follows:

Power & Cooling Assessments for IT, Telecom & Data Center

  • Baseline Power Quality Assessment
  • Baseline Power & Cooling Assessment
  • Comprehensive Cooling Assessment & CFD Services
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Assessment
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Specialised Assessment Services for Data Center

  • Data Center Risk Assessments
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Data Center Environmental Assessments
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Focused on optimizing the physical infrastructure, our energy efficiency practices address top of mind energy challenges and thus help you to:
Reduce Operating Costs | Improve Compliance and | Be Prepared for the Future
Our Assessment Services are also available for :
Computer Rooms, Server Rooms, Network Closets, Telecommunications Equipment Rooms, Main Data Frames, Intermediate Data Frames and more...