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Break Down Services
This is a pathway of success marked by a continuing customer focus to do things better and to meet the challenges of the day, however tough.
These ON_SITE_ON_CALL services enable our customer to entrust their emergency service requirements to a single entity, irrespective of the make and genre of their systems. These services are also devised around a simple concept "Any Brand - Any Make - Any Country - Any Genre - Any Technology"
When it comes to international products, most businesses are wary of after sales support reliability. Fly men service, franchisee arrangements, long awaited spares; the never-ending hassles begin from the time of purchase itself. At Unicorn, we beg to differ. With a variety of power products and solutions, we bring you international quality products backed by domestic after sales support. No Fly Men. No franchisee or outsourced service. No Carry-In terms. Services at your doorstep as and when required and more, that too 24x7…!
Our field service specialists will accurately diagnose any equipment damage, make repairs, and provide the critical support necessary to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible.
These Services cover a wide spectrum of systems and equipment viz:
  • Diesel Generators
  • UPS Systems
  • DC Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Control Panels - AMF& Synchronisation
  • BMS, PLC , PCCs , MCCs etc
  • Electrical Power System Equipment(AC & DC)
  • Transformers, Drives etc
  • PFC and AHF Panels
  • Cooling Systems
  • Acoustic & Ventilation Systems
  • Emission Control Systems & Exhaust systems
Spurred by a growing demand for creative change, we relish the opportunity to explore ways of doing things differently - we want each and every one of our customers to get the very best of what we do.Domain expertise, a well -trained assortment of engineering professionals, most sophisticated tools and tackles, process oriented modus operandi and more over a broader perception to see the in and outs of your systems and applications made our multi-vendor break down services a great success.