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Executive Leadership
Unicorn International‘s operations are spearheaded by two distinguished personalities who have decades of experience to back up their business acumen and vision.
Mr Firoz Esmail Badar Al Deen (Chairman) is an Omani citizen with more than 35 years of experience in guiding firms within the Sultanate of Oman and other GCC countries in various capacities such as Executive Director and Managing Director. He has vast experience in Electrical Power Systems Service Industry, Oil & Gas Industry and in General Trading of Industrial products across multiple market segments within the GCC. He is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s strategy and all matters relating to the financial and operational performance of the business.
Mr Ali Abdullah Saif Al Maskery ( Managing Director) is a Technical Expert and Stalwart, an Innovator, Technology Integrator and Practitioner. He was formerly Operation Team Leader at Gas Directorate of Oman. His current positions include, Director, CEO and Chief Consultant of the companies viz. National Engineering Office, Al Ram Energy LLC, UIS LLC, Maskery Engineering Consultants, Global Sigma LLC and International Electrical Industries. LLC. Mr. Maskery has also been recently appointed as the regional representative of International Copper Promotion Council and Asia Power Quality Initiative to drive it’s activities in Qatar and Oman He is ultimately responsible for Unicorn’s collective performance and for ensuring that we build and cement excellent working relationships with our clients in our served market.
The group is focused on helping our customer with new ways of business that combine innovation and adaption by implementing prudent technology strategies. Together we continuously improve what we do and how we do it by learning, contributing and sharing ideas, and initiating change.