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Power Quality & Energy Service for COMMERCIAL Facilities
Our PQ&E Assessment Services make doing business easier by employing best practice techniques that reduce the anxieties associated with power quality problems, rising energy costs etc. in Commercial and Institutional facilities. An energy assessment is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows in a building conducted to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining or improving human comfort, health, and safety in a building.
The scope and procedure of assessment is tailored to the customer's needs and type of building and customer’s business objective etc. The assessment includes an in-depth power quality survey of the customer's electrical distribution and grounding system. Building performance is adjusted for weather, occupancy levels, or production levels and compared with design intent and peer facilities to identify usage anomalies that are clues for further investigation. More advanced analysis may involve computer simulation analysis of the building and load patterns.
The analysis of results will be recorded in a detailed engineering report complete with recommendations. The assessment report may include:
  • Measurement of critical PQ characteristics including voltage, current, power harmonics and disturbance events at PCCs (Point of Common Coupling).
  • Identification of power quality concerns at power centres and points of end use and possible implications of operation.
  • Analysis of the impact and performance of any existing or proposed power factor correction system
  • Occurrences of unacceptable over voltage increased harmonic distortion and possible resonance conditions are identified.
  • Evaluation of mitigation options for identified power quality concerns (such as load balancing, harmonic cancellation, and reduction of voltage surge or sags)
  • Identifying potential opportunities for enhancement of PQ and Energy Saving measures.
Harmonic Assessment and Infrared Thermography for Commercial Building:
This specific assessment service identifies unacceptable voltage distortion and frequencies where harmonic amplification caused by nonlinear loads is present. It evaluates the effectiveness of harmonic filters and tuning reactors. Infrared Thermography is such an effective tool for power quality assessment as it is a reliable, non-contact tool that can scan & visualize temperature disturbances in electrical networks. Moreover, the results of assessment can be seen in the form of IR images that helps in easy documentation for the best possible solutions.
These services help our customers to:
  • Eliminate all relevant disturbance patterns in the power lines.
  • Avoid/reduce wear on electrical loads and over-heating of cables and transformers
  • Prevent losses due to facility down times
  • Compensate disturbances before they can cause damage
  • Lower energy cost through reduced reactive power demand
Our PQ &E Services categorically offer the right analytics at the right time. Our customers can harness the power of energy analytics and rapid energy modelling with Unicorn’s PQ&E Services to make better, quicker decisions about commercial building efficiency. The result is increased revenue and reduced operational costs for them, because we strive to empower our customers to maximize investments and run their businesses more efficiently.
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