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Power Quality & Energy Service for INDUSTRIAL Facilities
An Assessment Service includes an in-depth power quality survey of the customer's electrical distribution and grounding system. Extensive monitoring of various electrical parameters at all the major load centres, as well as analysis of results and a detailed engineering report complete with recommendations. The scope of work is tailored to the customer's needs and type of industry and is described in a formal proposal which outlines the amount of detailed analysis and survey procedures required.

In general Unicorn’s PQ&E Assessment Service comprises:

  • Measurement of critical PQ characteristics including voltage, current, power harmonics (snapshot and trending), and disturbance events at all major points of transformation within the plant (Point of Common Coupling to low voltage level)
  • Analysis and reporting of recorded data at each point of transformation
  • Preparation and analysis of any Unicorn’s metering information on load shedding and power utilization of plant operation
  • Identification of power quality concerns at power centres and points of end use and possible implications of operation
  • Analysis of the impact and performance of power factor correction system.
  • Identifying increased harmonic distortion and possible resonance conditions.
  • Evaluation of mitigation options for identified power quality concerns (such as load balancing, harmonic cancellation, and reduction of voltage surge or sags)
  • Recommending potential opportunities for enhancement of the plant operation.
  • Comprehensive Energy Assessment and customized energy saving solutions
  • Solutions for optimising energy efficiency and current consumption against benchmarks.
  • Solutions for remodelling the production cycle of the plant and transition to a more energy efficient production capacity.
  • Solutions for making the plant self-reliant by switching over to sustainable sources.
  • Assessment Reports that translates the benefits of energy conservation project into tangible cash benefits.
  • Standards such as the ITIC, IEEE 519, and the EN 50160 series are used as benchmarks in our power quality services.
In addition to the comprehensive PQ&E Assessment services, customers can also choose a-la-carte combination of assessments to suit their specific requirements. This selective assessment comes handy to those decisive customers with PQ and energy issues at specific levels of the power system or operations.

Please find the list of our objective oriented assessment packages:

  • Power Quality Check-ups,
  • Electrical Installation Assessment
  • Load Study
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Grounding System Assessment
  • Reactive power study
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Relay Co ordination
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Energy Assessment for industries
  • CFD Assessment for HVAC systems
  • Electromagnetic Field Assessment
  • Electrostatic discharge measurements
Harmonic Assessment and Infrared Thermography
Harmonics Studies to identify unacceptable voltage distortion and frequencies where harmonic amplification caused by nonlinear loads are present. It evaluates the effectiveness of harmonic filters and tuning reactors. Power quality assessment using Infrared Thermography technique comes up as an effective solution in this regard. The technique can be applied to assessment problems related to power conditioners to surge suppressors to every imaginable power quality problem.
The reason for infrared Thermography to be such an effective tool for power quality assessment is that, it is a reliable, non-contact tool that can scan & visualize temperature disturbances in electrical networks. Moreover, the results of assessment can be seen in the form of IR images that helps in easy documentation for the best possible solutions.
Our experienced consultants work closely with you on each aspect of your solution, offering a high-touch approach to the planning, design and execution of a thought-driven, scalable solution.
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